1. Published in Journal of Rheology (April 17, 2018)
    G. G. Giusteri and R. Seto. A theoretical framework for steady-state rheometry in generic flow conditions. J. Rheol., 62(3):713–723, 2018. 10.1122/1.4986840

  2. My talk at KITP program “Physics of dense suspensions” (Feb 27, 2018)

  3. This is the poster to present at the KITP conference (Jan 22–26, 2018).

  4. The cover image of Journal of Fluid Mechanics is from our work!

  5. Our paper for extensional flow simulations is featured in Focus on Fluids by Prof. Helen Wilson: ‘Shear thickening’ in non-shear flows: the effect of microstructure

  6. G. G. Giusteri and R. Seto, A theoretical framework for steady-state rheometry in generic flow conditions (arXiv:1702.02745)

  7. Extensional flow simulation

  8. Kanazawa Marathon 2017, 3h39m11s (PB) – Marathon

previous news

Simulation program for dense suspension rheology

  1. LF_DEM (Stokesian DEM) developing with Romain Mari

Some Links

  1. Friction Makes Cornstarch and Water into Bizarre "Oobleck"

  2. Model explains why liquid suspensions suddenly turn solid

  3. 2015 Society of Rheology Publication Award

Ryohei Seto

Transport Phenomena (Ryoichi Yamamoto) Group
Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan


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